Kia SP Concept

Introducing the Kia SP Concept: a new affordable compact SUV

A veritable cross between a compact car and an SUV, the Kia SP Concept intends to leave its mark upon its release, anticipated to take place before the end of the year.

With the modern, muscular, U-shaped tiger nose grille—a feature that will be seen increasingly in Kia vehicles over the coming years—the designers wished to play up the feline allure of this car, which may soon become a favorite in the compact SUV category. It will have sufficient grace to perform well on the road, while also demonstrating an excellent capacity to confront the challenges of off-road driving.


An exceptionally inviting interior

As is the case with the full line of reputable Kia products, everything inside the passenger compartment has been designed to make the occupants feel at ease. Sitting behind the wheel of the Kia SP Concept will be equally pleasurable, whether you’re heading to work in rush-hour traffic or heading off to the family cabin on a Friday afternoon.

One of the most unique features of the Kia SP Concept is, without a doubt, the center console screen, which aptly demonstrates the full extent of what Kia has to offer in terms of infotainment. This new high-tech system is sure to exceed the expectations of drivers and passengers, alike, offering enjoyment for the whole family.


A handsome little SUV that’s practical and affordable

It is expected that the Kia SP compact SUV (which should be somewhere between the size of the Soul and the Sportage) will appeal to young families, with a price as accessible as its liftgate. What’s more, new owners will appreciate the info-connectivity, built-in WiFi, ventilated seats and a whole host of other details that have been included by the designers of this out-of-the-ordinary SUV. You’ll also see your expenses at the pump go down, thanks to the Kia SP’s great fuel economy and the fact that the vehicle will be front-wheel drive.

Plenty of adventurous spirits, young families and students will want to learn more about the Kia SP, a beautiful wildcat just waiting to be tamed. So come see us at Boisvert KIA in Blainville, discover all the formidable potential of this vehicle, reserve yours today and become one of the first Canadians to own one.